Parting ways with the Sights Set North Agency

We've decided to move forward without the support of SSN and will be continuing to lean on ourselves to keep excelling in this industry. As most of you know six months ago we decided to move forward with a management agency with would support us in our career path.There was nothing negative that came out of the departure it was more of us understanding our self worth and realizing that we have been doing just find as a DIY band. Typically in situations like these there always seems to be some negative back story but I will state we enjoyed on time on the SSN roster and shared a lot of great moments with our manager, Andrew Cass. Six months ago when we debated on signing with SSN we weren't sure if IYM was at the point of its timeline that would call for a manager but given the situation we saw an opportunity to experience something new. In conclusion, I wanted to thank Andrew Cass and everyone thats apart of the SSN family and wish everyone the best of luck in their career paths and development no matter where life might take you. Thanks for reading and as always keep following our growth! #IYMOfficial #SloppyVicious #MakeMemories