I'll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan Cover)

IYM's First Cover 

We spent several years wanted to take a classic track and make it our own not only by music but video too. Here is another variation of the great disney track, I'll Make a Man Out of You. We modernized the idea of the movie in which its a epic battle preparation to fight the "huns". In this case we gave the "huns" the role of girls who want their significant other to be the idealized "man". At least what we are grown to think is proper with some funny IYM takes of course. 

Director Name: Everett Glovier

Layers of Lies

IYM's First Debut Video

This is the first music video IYM made from their new EP "Reflections". This song is one of the more "mainstream" tracks of the three. Needless to say Layers of Lies or "LoL" as we like to call it depicts the un familiar reaction you might get when being unfaithful to any strong relationship in your life.


Director Name: Everett Glovier


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